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The New School was founded in 2018 by Dr. Andrew T. Huang, President and CEO of the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center (KFSYSCC), with the mission of training scholars from all healthcare related disciplines to recognize and respond to the complex future needs in healthcare.

Healthcare is extremely multifaceted, with vast interconnections between many diverse components. The field of healthcare is influenced by natural, social, laboratory and clinical sciences; societal and community organization; human behavior and worldview; economics and financing; political and religious ideology; and prevailing ethical and philosophical standards. 


The New School wants to be a catalyst for developing a critical mass of leaders in different healthcare disciplines who will comprehensively examine their societal mandate to improve overall health. These scholars will actively reflect, thoroughly debate, and eagerly look for innovative and diverse approaches to meet the ever-expanding demands and changing emphases in healthcare delivery. Our hope is that scholars will develop increased openness in their thought processes, strengthen their leadership skills, and discover a greater sense of purpose and passion to fuel their careers in health for a lifetime. 


The New School is housed in the Juei-Low Sung Education and Research Center at KFSYSCC.

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