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New School Applications are Due on April 15, 2019

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

The inaugural class for the New School is now open to receive applications! Use the link below to download the fillable PDF:

This unique opportunity provides access to courses and mentorship from prominent healthcare professors in world-class institutions such as Stanford University, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, Duke University, and the RAND Corporation. These professors are flying to Taipei on a regular basis to teach at The New School. US-trained faculty based in Taiwan will also be teaching the courses to provide different local perspectives. You will gain access to a vibrant international healthcare network and opportunities to participate in an international trip with this program. New School Scholars are required fulfill their electives requirement by taking all 6 classes offered by the New School.

Please send your completed application form to by 23:59 on Monday, April 15, 2019. We look forward to reviewing your submission and scheduling an interview with our faculty. For more details about the New School, please visit our website at or contact the New School administrator in the email above.

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